Investment Guide

Investment Guide

  • 01

    Application of letter of
    intent for investment

  • 02

    Submit investment

  • 03

    Review investment

  • 04


  • 05

    Assignment of
    project vendor

  • 06

    Contract of land acquisition
    (contract of land)

  • 07

    Acquisition of
    business licenses

Investment Guide
Main contents GJFEZ Supports

01Application of letter of intent for investment

  • Submit investment proposal (business plan)
  • Submit letter of intent (LOI)
  • Submit evidences to prove implementation capabilities
  • Business Information Memorandum among investors and participating parties of the consortium
  • Provide various information related to the project

02Submit investment proposal

  • Objectives and background of the project
  • Development plan (concept, introducing facilities, developmental strategies, blueprint of buildings, and so on)
  • Financial plan : owner’s capital, borrowed capital
  • Project implementation plan and organization structure
  • Profitability analysis results and ripple effects
  • Project Management
  • Plan for fund collection and return
  • Plan for management and operation
  • Introduce domestic partners, if necessary
    • Parties for enforcement/construction, legal services, accounting, consulting, banks, and so on
  • Introduce supporting items including incentives, administrative services, and so on

03Review investment proposal

  • Feasibility analysis and adequacy review for investment proposal
  • Validation of investors’ implementation capabilities
  • If accepted for implementation capabilities, select as the priority negotiation partner
  • Credit inquiry
  • Check willingness and financial potential of the consortium participants (interviews with stakeholders)


  • Set negotiation agenda for agreement
  • Agree the principles of investment (MOU or basic agreement on implementation)

05Assignment of project vendor

  • Execution of investment preceding procedure: completion of organization for implementation, and so on
  • Assign project vendor : foreign company of consortium
  • Execution of investment procedure

    ①investment report ②introduce initial fund ③capital payment ④found SPC or branch office ⑤registration of foreign investment company

  • Introduce on SPC foundation
  • Consulting including legal affairs, accounting, and so on

06Contract of land acquisition (contract of land)

  • Land valuation
  • Land contract and deposit payment
  • Property right transfer after balance payment
  • Sell state-owned and shared properties and private contract on borrowing
  • Long-term payment, rental fee reduction, and so on

07Acquisition of business licenses

  • Execute environmental audit, approval of implementation plan
  • Licenses for design and building review
  • Initiation of factory construction, initiation of lot preparation (civil engineering)
  • PM assignment and service provision
  • Support SOC facilities