Gwangju is the Optimal Place for Investment,Where Opportunities Open up.GJFEZ

The Gwangju Free Economic Zone Authority is growing together with global enterprises in a liberal industrial environment as the world's first labor-management coexistence and AI-based convergence industrial complex.

  • Futuristic car Industrial district

    Area : 1.845㎢

    Attracting business : Automobile, high-tech parts and materials, mining industry, digital information home appliance, R&D, etc.

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  • Smart energy Industrial district

    Area: Ⅰ 932천㎢ / Ⅱ 486천㎢

    Attracting industry : Electronic parts, electrical equipment, machinery, automobiles, R&D, etc.

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  • AI Convergence Industrial Zone

    Area : 1,106천㎢

    Attracting business : Research institutes, AI clusters, biomedical industry, etc.

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